Hello, we’re Jacob and Nathan, and run TPF Tennis. We play tennis everyday, so we know about all the shots and styles of play, unlike some tennis websites. We display all of our posts in The News category, our best and most popular posts in the Featured category and on the slider on the homepage, and whenever one of buys a new one, we review a racquet in the Gear section.

You may find we post more regularly about British tennis than anything else, and particularly Andy Murray. However, we both live in Derbyshire, UK, and can’t really help it. My favourite WTA player would probably be Laura Robson – again due to the British connection. There has been some debate recently over who the Greatest Of All Time is, and personally I think it has to be Roger Federer. Although I must admit the era of Pete Sampras was a little before my time!

We began TPF Tennis originally as The Place For Tennis in May last year on Moonfruit, until we eventually moved to our current home at tpftennis.wordpress.com. Since then, our popularity has grown, and  with every Grand Slam things just seem to get better, leading to more detailed and frequent posts. If you have something you’d like to add to our site, please feel free to contact us via the contact form below or even tweet it to us at @TPFTennis.

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