How did the top 10 fare in the year’s majors?

The US Open is now over, meaning we’ll have to wait until next year to get our grand slam fix. On the big stage of majors, the big players are expected to perform. Here I review how the current top ten ATP players (as of 10/9/14) got on in the four slams.

Novak Djokovic

  • Australian Open: Champion
  • French Open: Semi-finals
  • Wimbledon: Final
  • US Open: Final

Rafael Nadal

  • Australian Open: Injured
  • French Open: Champion
  • Wimbledon: First round
  • US Open: Champion

Andy Murray

  • Australian Open: Final
  • French Open: Injured
  • Wimbledon: Champion
  • US Open: Quarter-finals

David Ferrer

  • Australian Open: Semi-finals
  • French Open: Final
  • Wimbledon: Quarter-finals
  • US Open: Quarter-finals

Tomas Berdych

  • Australian Open: Quarter-finals
  • French Open: First round
  • Wimbledon: Quarter-finals
  • US Open: Fourth round

Juan Martin del Potro

  • Australian Open: Third round
  • French Open: Injured
  • Wimbledon: Semi-finals
  • US Open: Second round

Roger Federer

  • Australian Open: Semi-finals
  • French Open: Quarter-finals
  • Wimbledon: Second round
  • US Open: Fourth round

Stanislas Wawrinka

  • Australian Open: Fourth round
  • French Open: Quarter-finals
  • Wimbledon: First round
  • US Open: Semi-finals

Richard Gasquet

  • Australian Open: Fourth round
  • French Open: Fourth round
  • Wimbledon: Third round
  • US Open: Semi-finals

Jo-Wilfred Tsonga

  • Australian Open: Quarter-finals
  • French Open: Semi-finals
  • Wimbledon: Second round (retired due to injury)
  • US Open: Injured

Most consistent performer: Novak Djokovic. The last time that the Serb didn’t make the last four of a slam was over three years ago, demonstrating his continuity at the top. That doesn’t look to change. His fitness levels and destructive repertoire on the court mean he’ll be up there competing for majors for some time to come.

Biggest surprise package: Rafael Nadal. Did you expect him to win two slams after all that time off? No, I didn’t either. Even his poor showing at Wimbledon was a shock too but, focusing on his successes, he has overcome plenty of write-offs. The way in which the Spaniard has returned from such a long lay-off makes it his biggest achievement yet. So, can he overpass Federer’s record of 17 slams? Yes, this man has already defied the logic of a steady return.

Biggest disappointment: Roger Federer. Are we seeing the decline of a great? Maybe. Well, the past year’s majors have suggested so. The Swiss master has struggled immensely to compete at the top for a while now this year. I don’t think he’ll be settled with going down with a low ranking.

– Nathan Morley

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