Book Review: Court Confidential

This review has been a long time coming. I read the book around a couple of months ago and intended to write about it here but haven’t up until now, which I thought was a good time considering that more eyes are now gripped to tennis with the year’s final slam just getting underway.

The Times’ tennis correspondent and book author, Neil Harman, offers an insight into tennis for a full year. As an avid tennis fan, I intensely read about the sport and watch it all year round but he writes about the things beyond the TV screens and newspapers. ¬†His respect gained from the players gives the reader the added insiders’ view into some of the sport’s A-listers.

It offers a different perspective to the past year in tennis. Not only does it document all the interesting happenings but it also contains opinion on how things are run in tennis, particularly in the concluding parts of the book – which has detailed dossiers of well-thought and interesting opinion on various subjects.

Fully recommended. *****

Amazon link.

Next I intend to review Jimmy Connors’ autobiography ‘The Outisder’. I won’t put a timescale on it as I may be too glued to the US Open!

– Nathan Morley


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