Does Federer have enough to triumph at a slam again?

Is it the beginning of the end?

You have to go back to Centre Court last year to find Roger Federer’s last grand slam triumph. This year he hasn’t yet reached a final of a slam. If he fails to reach the US Open final then 2013 will be the first year since 2002 that he hasn’t reached a grand slam final. So has his decline begun?

He only managed to reach the second round of Wimbledon.

The maestro is now 32 years-old, making him the oldest in the top ten – just older than David Ferrer. 7th in the world is almost unheard of for Roger but that is the reality.

It’s clear that the standard is at quite a peak in tennis and with Federer only getting older it is hard to see him regaining number one. Nevertheless, I genuinely believe he still has just one more slam in him. Maybe  at Wimbledon or the US Open, the slams in which he has the best record.

He was stunned by Berdych in last year’s US Open quarters.

I genuinely do not think he will be content retiring in a position where he is not closer to the top. The current world number seven will want to go out on a high at the top, I believe. I am certain he still has the hunger for the majors. It’s all good and well having the desire for more trophies but does he have enough steam left? That’s the big question that only he knows.

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– Nathan Morley


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