The History of Wimbledon Centre Court

With roofed tennis courts being a hot topic currently at SW19, with the recent proposal of a roof being added to Court 1 in the fight against the British weather, we’ve put together a short archive of Wimbledon’s centre court.

1. A challenge round between William and Ernest Renshaw in 1883. Courtesy


2. From 1931, this is Joan Lycett and Lili de Alvarez. Courtesy


3. From a 1950s magazine showing a women’s doubles match for sale on ebay:


4. From the late 20th century to about 2007, this was Centre Court. Courtesy of


5. Being prepared to have a new retractable roof, the crowd and even the royal box were left open to the elements in the 2007 championships. Courtesy of


6. From Sunday 17th May up until the present day, Centre Court has had a retractable roof. It’s made of moving steel trusses supporting 5,200 sq metres of translucent, waterproof fabric called Tenara, meaning it is the equivilant of 7,500 umbrellas. However, last year it caused controversy as home favourite Andy Murray was playing well in his final with Roger Federer, but after the roof came on his momentum was upset and he lost the match. Courtesy

A security guard stands underneath the new Centre Court retractable roof at the All England Lawn Tennis Club in London

– Jacob Lee


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