Racquet Review: HEAD PCT Two

We don’t usually do racquet reviews during the tennis season, but since I just bought it and have had the opportunity to try it out straight away – so I thought I should.


It’s a very powerful racquet which allows a lot of power without losing control; making it perfect for the baseline to baseline rallies that are personally my strongest point. At 27 1/4″ it’s slightly longer than the normal racquet, and this helps with spin. Spin is a necessary shot to play with this racquet as the stiffness of the strings and the overall power make it awkward for performing drop-shots. It’s also extremely light, due to it being made of titanium, meaning it is more maneuverable. It has been easier to place the ball where I would like when serving, but I’ve not yet got used to the power – and this is likewise with volleys. As well as all the mechanical positives, it also looks great, and I’ve had a lot of comments of “I like your new racquet” and so on. The grip is also good, it’s rubber and stays in place in your hand very well.

PCT stands for Plasma Coating Technology and that is what makes it stiffer and smoother. However, I don’t think it’s as durable as other racquets around this price range

This racquet is fantastic for an intermediate player at £35, and I’d give it 4.7 of a possible 5.

Also, don’t confuse this with the HEAD Microgel range, as they are often sold under similar names and look about the same too. I tried the MicroGel racquets out in the shop, but they felt too flimsy and breakable, when I play quite a powerful game. It didn’t feel like a tennis racquet should.

Here is a link to my old racquet, and I only replaced it because it was an inch too small and a bit bent out of shape.I hope this is useful, and please feel free to comment or ask for more information.

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