BBC SPOTY 2012: Murray takes 3rd prize

Last night the BBC held their annual awards evening for Sports Personality of the year. 1,626,718 votes were cast by the British public for their favourite sports stars.

Tennis world number three Andy Murray was among the 12 nominations for the prized award after a brilliant year, winning his first Grand Slam at the US Open, Olympic gold and silver and not forgetting reaching his first Wimbledon final. Below is his interview with the ‘Sports Personality of the Year’ team:

Murray was announved as 3rd place for the award behind first placed Bradley Wiggins (cycling) and second placed Jessica Ennis (track and field athletics).

Here’s the full resulst including their votes and %:

1 Wiggins 492,064 (30.25%), 2 Ennis 372,765 (22.92%), 3 Murray 230,444 (14.17%), 4 Farah 131,327 (8.07%) 5 Weir 114,633 (7.05%) 6 Simmonds 102,894 (6.33%) 7 Hoy 42,961 (2.64%) 8 Adams 35,560 (2.19%), 9 Ainslie 35,373 (2.17%,) 10 McIlroy 29,729 (1.83), 11 Grainger 28,626 (1.76%), 12 Storey 10,342 (0.64%).

But, it wasn’t all plain sailing, this is the incident with Lennox when Murray wasn’t given his trophy!

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