Racquet Review: Babolat AeroPro Drive GT

Used by Rafael Nadal, quite simply, this is the racquet for spin. However, it is now more stable than its predecessor, as we begin to see more and more Babolat racquets have ‘GT’ added on to the end of their name; This is basically where the racquet is made of carbon fibre, with a small amount of tungsten (heavier than carbon) added at certain areas such as the top end and at various scientifically determined places along the sides to increase power and stability. It’s best for just playing your normal groundstrokes and accurate for volleys, but we found that it lacks some finesse when returning shots lightly close to the net. It also can handle some agression but not too much. However, the handle is really quite uncomfortable and it is a very aerodynamic, professional racquet with a price tag of about £150 ($270). We gave it 4.2/5.

Babolat AeroPro Drive GT


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