Racquet Review: Wilson SIX.ONE

Used by Roger Federer during Wimbledon 2012 and by one of our team! This racquet weighs around 355g making it light and easy to maneuver  but not recommended if you aren’t a very powerful player. It also has a 16:19 string ratio. This great racquet has a head size of 90 square inches meaning the larger ‘sweet spot’ in the centre of the racquet also makes it less for power, and more for spinning the ball. A good example of this is how Federer swings his wonderful carved dropshot – often fooling his opponent – with ease. We rated 4.6 out of 5.



3 thoughts on “Racquet Review: Wilson SIX.ONE

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    • The 6.1 is the swing index (SI) of that specific racquet. Lower SIs are intended to be stiffer, causing less vibration and less demanding on the player, whereas higher SIs are more flexible. The average player’s SI is about 4-6.
      Hope this helps, Jacob

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