The American Champion V The Wimbledon Champion

Roger Federer had won all his Tour Finals matches win Andy Murray, but overall the statistics suggested that Andy Murray would win this match, as the Brit lead  the head-to-head 10-8. They also suggested that perhaps Murray performed better under pressure, and both his Tour Finals losses to Federer had been in the group stages.

Moreover, this idea was continued at the beginning of the first set, with Andy Murray diving straight in with a lot of power and breaking Federer’s serve and holding his own. But then the power of the poppy ended and they both continually held serve until Murray lead 4-3. Then, Federer really started playing his own game, and making the world No.3 sprint madly around the court with amazing ‘carved-drop shots’  which made Murray even more tired. Thus, the Swiss master won the next two games – making it 5-4 – and Murray was serving to stay in the set… And he did, they both held serve until it was 6-6. However, you could tell that Murray was tired as, in the last game of the set, Murray could hardly get the ball over the net, it appeared as if he was just lazily lunging his entire weight at the ball. Nevertheless, he got it to a tie-break, in which they both made multiple unforced errors, but Roger won it 7-4.

From the beginning of the first set though, both players were much more accurate, and held serve quickly – with Federer not losing a point. It looked like Andy would continue the trend, leading the game 40-0, but after a lot of unforced errors at a few double faults, he lost the game. Roger swiftly and unsurprisingly then held his serve. After that, Federer went a bit unusual and started playing his drop-shot too powerfully and hitting it out, and therefore Murray was able to gain a game, before Federer went and easily finished off the match, taking advantage of the Scot’s slow looping serves. He won a  place in the final with Djokovic  by beating Murray 7-6, 6-2. Also, the crowd was definitely with Federer, even though we’re in Murray home country!

Any predictions for the final?


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