The Greatest Rivalry in Tennis: Djokovic V Murray

The first set was not quite what one would expect, with no exceptionally inventive play from either player, and, apart from Murray breaking Djokovic’s serve in the first game, the remainder of the set was serve dominated, meaning it ended 6-4. Murray only served around 52% of his serves in, but the ones he got right were exceptional. Nevertheless, we all know that the yound Serb  can return almost anything – the BBC commentator saying: “The last time I remember him missing a return was 2003!” But, he still struggled with backhands during rallies, probably because his balance seemed a bit off.

The second set continued to be serve dominated, and it was Djokovic’s unforced errors – eleven by the second game – that helped Murray stay in the set at the start. But after that it was all for the Djoker, he won points on 88% of his first serves, and 77% of his second. Whereas Murray only served 77% of his serves in, and even though it was better than the first set, the statistics say that he’s probably a better player when he takes more risks.

In the final deciding set, Murray started optimistically by sprinting and jumping around the court and everything seemed very optimistic for him. But, even though he won the first game, he lost the next four straight and his serves were getting progressively worse, he seemed to launch himself towards the net; This making the ball ‘find the twine’. Then there was a a great spell for Andy winning three straight games to make it 5-4. But, this was followed up by a straight three game spell from Novak Djokovic, and he won the match 4-6, 6-3, 7-5.


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