Djokovic “I definitely need a few days rest”

Novak Djokovic, prior to his defeat to Sam Querry yesterday, boasted an impressive 10 game unbetaen run. His shock loss yesterday gives him more time than some of his opponents to prepare for next week’s ATP World Tour Finals in London.

Here’s what the Serb said “I’ve not been feeling very good the last few days. Now that I’m done with the tournament, I will sit down with the team and see what the best thing to do before London. The way I feel, I definitely need a few days rest, and then try to get a few days practice before the tournament starts. There is no guarantee you can be 100 per-cent, especially at this time of year. During the second set I already felt that physically I’m down and I struggled every game. The players have played so many matches and are obviously struggling to be fresh. You’re trying to find that last drop of strength, mental and physical, in order to play your best.”

Will these days of rest give him the edge for the Tour Finals over opponents who are still competing in Paris?


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