Wimbledon Over Winter

From the reports from a Senior Groundsman at Wimbledon, we’ve put together this quick article about what goes on at Wimbledon over the Winter.

In the weeks immediately after the end of the Olympics, the courts are re-turfed, the top layer of the court is stripped off, scarified in two directions then they seed, feed and cover. Once the grass was germinated under the cover, the cover is removed and the grass is left to grow and establish for a few days. After a few days, the grass courts are beginning to look close to normal, and are then ready to be mowed. They continue to mow every court throughout the winter. Also, each court is occasionally sprayed for disease. However, the historical Wimbledon weather is still there to annoy everyone, as this example tweet shows:

Recently they have had the worst time for pigeons, meaning good old Rufus the Hawk has not been quite enough, so they brought in a new invention that could be distributed across all courts at the same time:

However, we later found out that these fake pigeons did exactly the opposite job to what they were supposed to do! They attracted more pigeons to destroy the freshly renovated grass!

Here are the types of courts at Wimbledon’s 48 acre site:

Grass: 41

Clay: 8

Indoor: 5

Acrylic: 2

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